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Digging pit

Upgrading or Reclaiming Your Well Pit

If your well is in a pit, you should seriously consider extending the casing above ground level and moving the pressure tank to another location. Pitless adapters provide a safe, frost-free connection from the pumping system to the water well, eliminating the use of a well pit.

Surface Water Contamination

During times of heavy rain and runoff, the risk of surface water entering the well pit and making its way into your well is likely. These surface waters will contain bacteria and pollutants and could render your water unsafe to drink.

Breathing Wells

Well pits are “confined spaces” that can be a safety hazard to anyone who enters to service or repair the well. The air in a well pit can become oxygen deficient or may contain dangerous gasses that can come from the groundwater through the well. This air is usually oxygen deficient and can be dangerous. In 1994, the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act was proclaimed, and it prohibits the installation of well pits and cutting casing off below ground level.

Complete Well Service

Do you need a new well or service done on an existing well?

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