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Steps to Follow to Keep Your Well Safe

1. Have Your Well Water Tested

Your local health unit will provide you with a sample bottle and instructions so that you can have your water quality analyzed. Getting your water analyzed on a regular basis should be part of your regular water well maintenance.

2. Inspect the Top of the Water Well

Check at least semi-annually to see if the well cap or well seal is on properly so that foreign materials cannot enter the well. (This includes leaves, grass clippings, rodents, etc.) Check to see if the well casing is above ground level (minimum distance is 20 cm or 8”). This prevents runoff water and flood water from taking surface contaminants into your well.

3. Disinfect Your Well

Set up a regular time to chlorinate or disinfect your well; once a year is a minimum recommendation. Disinfecting more often may be necessary, depending on the mineral and bacterial contents in the water well.

Complete Well Service

Do you need a new well or service done on an existing well?

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